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What is the Local Plan

The Local Plan is the set of documents which will eventually include all of a planning authority's local development documents. In Greater Nottingham the Local Authorities are working closely together to align their processes and three of the Local Authorities, Broxtowe, Gedling and Nottingham City, have fully aligned documents. This page explains what the Local Plan is and where you can find the relevant information.


All councils must prepare a Local Plan which is like a 'folder' of planning documents. It will include Development Plan Documents (such as the Core Strategy, Site Specific Allocations documents, Development Control Policies and Proposals Maps), together with a Statement of Community Involvement setting out how consultation will take place on planning documents, a Local Development Scheme, setting out a timetable for the preparation of planning documents, and an Authority Monitoring Report.

You can find out more about Local Plans via the link to the planning portal on the right hand side of this page.

Aligned Core Strategies

The Councils have agreed to cooperate and align the preparation and content of their Core Strategies to ensure planning for the future of the area will be more consistent, and the administrative boundaries of the local authorities will not get in the way of good planning and service delivery. The Councils have decided to voluntarily work together as partners rather than prepare a formal single joint Core Strategy at the present time. By working together to prepare Core Strategies, the councils should be able to come to better and more joined up planning outcomes, whilst also making best use of resources.

Although the Core Strategies of both Erewash and Rushcliffe Boroughs have subsequently been submitted separately, this has been in the context of the duty to cooperate, and on the basis of a common evidence base and with most policy areas being aligned.

The Core Strategies are all supported by a common Infrastructure Delivery Plan which has been prepared with the full positive engagement of the Environment Agency, English Heritage, Natural England, Homes and Communities Agency, Clinical Commissioning Groups (role formerly provided by Primary Care Trusts) the Highways Agency and the three Highway Authorities.

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